what do we do?

"Let us bless all who extend their hands
towards those most in need,
so that we may come to recognize in Charity 

the imperishable trace of light that

will integrate us one day with God, our creator."

Chico Xavier (Free translation)

Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center is based on the Auta de Souza program present in more than 40 places around the world. We have been open to the community since July of  2017.

We believe that each one of us can make a difference to change the world, starting from ourselves and our families. We understand that truly good people are the ones practicing the law of Justice, Love and Charity.

Everything that happens has a meaning and our goal is self-enlightenment on the pathway to perfection. God is sovereign Love and Justice and for that reason, all facts in life manifest His will. We believe that we are eternal spirits living a material experience. 

We are a group of good friends with open arms for new members. Together we can make our lives easier and find God through the practice of true charity as defined by Jesus.

Charity is not in what happens, but in the relationship that we create with one another, bringin the transforming power of being involved with another being. 

​Through Spiritism we want to bring people the genuine Christian teachings, without the intention of converting anyone to a new religion or creed. We want to bring to people's hearts the understanding that God is the origin and the end of everything. He is both the creator and the cause of all things. God is supreme perfection, possessing all the qualities that our imagination can attribute to Him and much more.

We understand that each action generates an effect, and believe in a rational and logical faith. Spiritism brings the understanding that man is the only one responsible for his own destiny and that through reincarnation one receives the opportunity of correcting his or her moral shortcomings. God gave us free will so that each one may live on earth according to his or her choices and learn in their own time.

Our work is an invitation to self-knowledge, which is able to free ourselves from our addictions and imperfections in the search for a new self with higher moral and spiritual values. It is an invitation to perform the "Inner Reform" following the steps of our Master Jesus.

​May we be inspired by the teachings of Jesus, Mother Teresa and so many other caring figures who lived on earth and contributed to our moral, spiritual and material progress.

​We invite you so that together in the practice of charity we may work with love and humbleness in order to inspire more people to improve their lives and the world around them, in accordance with the love that Jesus taught us over 2,000 years ago.​

"Our homes are rich in superfluous things that a family can enjoy and benefit from as demands. [...] sleep my children! Let us extend our arms in all directions, homes or whatever is possible, in favor of so much suffering. ! "

(Bezerra de Menezes - Garimpeiros do Além, 2 ed., p. 100).