In order to ensure the protection of the children and families in the care of MOTHER TERESA CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST CENTER projects,  policy requires that prior to any activity all volunteers need to complete a State of Michigan background check. The background check is a name check only, through the State of Michigan ICHAT system, and is based on individual identifiers. Any applicant declining to complete a “Volunteer Background Check” acknowledgment form will not be considered.


MOTHER TERESA CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST CENTER reserves the right to “approve” or “deny” any volunteer service upon review of the background check returned through ICHAT. The determination will be based upon the individual’s fitness to have responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of children. Providing false information, or information contradicting the background check information, is ground for immediate volunteer denial.  

By affixing your signature to this form you acknowledge your statements are to be true and give full consent to complete a name based background check through ICHAT.

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