Be a Sponsor!

Your purchase supports our project! Let's bring more reading to the Benton Harbor community.


To inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book
exchanges around
 Benton Harbor.
How can I become a sponsor?

  1. You can donate the amount to buy a little library;

  2. You can donate books;

  3. You can donate money to purchase the most requested books;

When you become a sponsor, you have the option of choosing the name to put on the small library sign.

First, we will designate the location where the small library will be placed in Benton Harbor. Then, a family with children in Benton Harbor will become the host of the project and will be responsible for looking after the library.


This includes monitoring the use of the books, as well as being responsible for notifying the project coordination of the need for new books. The coordination will be visiting the libraries once a month to update and maintain the library.

When you become a sponsor of the project, you will be invited to do the painting (art) of the small library together with the designated family. On the day of the installation of the library, we will all be together, fraternizing and materializing a dream of bringing reading to everyone.

Come be part of this project! Join us!