Spiritually Magnetized Water


The human body is known to be composed of about seventy percent of water. In Spiritism, it is a common practice to offer a small quantity of water to the patient after receiving the pass as a complement to this process and as a means of revitalizing the physical body. This is not ordinary water, because it has been saturated with beneficial fluids (psi-molecules) originated in the spiritual world under the guidance of the Spiritual Benefactors responsible for the work of passes.

This is why it is called “fluidically or spiritually” magnetized water . This special water enables the patient to retain energies and increases the absorption potential of restoring fluids received during the pass. This will allow the patient to continue to receive spiritual benefits between the pass sessions. It is also very helpful for the digestive organs to receive a direct influx of spiritual fluids.

Ordinary water has the possibility of conserving spiritual fluids for indefinite periods of time without having their properties suffer any deterioration. Being of an inorganic nature this substance also plays an important part in the revitalization of the physical body and is, in fact, the primal vehicle of vitality and thought to act as a possible link between organic and inorganic principles.

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