Join us Tuesdays 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm

at Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center

What can I expect?


  • 6:45 pm to 7:00 pm - MEDITATION - We begin by listening to soft music and/or inspiring videos. At this moment we all remain silent in our seats and elevate our thoughts to Jesus while we wait for everyone to arrive. 

  • 7:00 pm to 7:20 pm - CHRISTIAN JOY - We sing together to elevate our thoughts and the room. These initial moments are already part of your spiritual healing.​ 

  • 7:20 pm to 7:25 pm - PRAYER - We say a prayer. Every meeting begins and ends with a prayer.

  • 7:25 pm to 8:10 pm - TALK - We begin the public lecture, which follows a traditional format in which a team member or a guest speaker, talks about a topic with the goal to educate the public on different topics around the gospel according to Allan Kardec's Spiritism.

  • 8:10 to 8:30 pm - PASSES THERAPY AND BLESSING OF WATER - We start the "passe therapy". The person providing the “passe therapy” will place their hands over the person receiving it. The “passe therapy” consists in a transference of psychic energies that alters the cell field, resulting in a combination of fluids and energies derived from the individual providing the “passe therapy". After receiving the "passe therapy", each person takes a small glass of "magnetized water".

  • 8:30 pm - FINAL PRAYERWe make the closing statements and say a final prayer.

  • To learn more about the "passe therapy"

  • To learn more about the "magnetized water" read our section "Spiritually Magnetized Water".  ​​