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The prayer changes everything!

At Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center, we believe prayer makes a difference.

Prayer is an invocation through which, by means of thought, man enters into communication with the being to whom he directed himself. This may be for the purpose of asking for something, giving thanks or as a glorification.


We may pray for our selves or for others, for the living or for the dead.

Prayers addressed to God are heard by those Spirits who are in charge of the execution of His will.

All those addressed to good Spirits are referred to God.

When someone prays to beings other than God, these are serving as mediators or intercessors, because nothing can happen without God’s wishes. (1)

As far as the communion of our souls with God is concerned, 

I have not forgotten to recommend that each spirit pray

in the secret of his inner self, in the silence of his most sacred hopes and aspirations. 

Each creature must set his own path higher, and

raising in itself the divine sanctuary of faith and trust,

where you always interpret God's will with respect to your destiny.

The communion of the creature with the Creator is therefore

an imperative of existence and prayer is the luminous path

between the human heart and the Father of infinite goodness.


The Good News Book - by the Spirit Humberto de Campos through the Medium Francisco Cândido Xavier

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1 The Gospel According to Spiritism by Allan Kardec chap 27 item 9

NOTE:  Any prayer request you share with MTCSC will remain confidential

and will only be shared with our lead team for the purposes of prayer.

Prayer Request

Prayer of Caritas


God, Our Father, who is all Power and Goodness, give strength to those who go through tribulations; give light to those who seek the Truth, and fill the human heart with compassion and Charity.

God! Give the guiding star to the traveler, consolation to the afflicted, and rest to the sick.

Father! Give repentance to the guilty.

Give truth to the Spirit, guidance to the child, a father to the orphan.


May Your Goodness extend over everything that You have created.

Mercy, Lord, to those who do not know You and hope to those who suffer.

May Your Goodness allow the consoling spirits to spread Peace, Hope, and Faith everywhere!


Oh! God! A ray, a spark of Your Love can illuminate the earth. Let us drink from the fountains of this abundant and infinite Goodness.

All tears will be dried and all pain will be lessened.

A single heart, a single thought will rise to You, as a cry of gratitude and Love. Like Moses on the mountain, we wait for You with open arms, Oh! Goodness, oh! Beauty, oh! Perfection!

We wish in some way to deserve Your mercy.

God! Give us strength, help our progress so we may rise up to You; give us pure charity and humbleness; give us faith and reason; give us the simplicity, Father, that will make our souls the mirror that will reflect Your Divine Image.

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