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Apex, North Carolina- USA


CONCAFRAS is a spiritist event that takes place every year 

and its main purpose is the multiplication of social works and spiritist centers around the world.

CONCAFRAS-PSE (Annual Meeting of the Auta de Souza FOOD DRIVE) is a meeting of Spiritist volunteers that began in South America in 1957. Later, the Auta de Souza Fraternal Meeting were created, which are regional events that have been occurring in different parts of the world.

CONCAFRAS has no permanent headquarters, and is not an institution. It is simply an initiative of love and fraternity, a program promoting the fraternal gathering and exchange of experiences of volunteer Spiritist workers of many countries.

The CONCAFRAS IS one of the largest international Spiritist congresses. Through its courses, it trains and enables volunteers to serve at Spiritist centers, helping all those facing the social issues that exist on our planet. In the last 60 years, we have been gathering to disseminate Jesus’s teachings of love of all people by sharing experiences of charitable works developed by Spiritist institutions all around the world.