Charitable Mileage

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You cannot deduct the value of your time for volunteer work, but you can deduct your out-of-pocket expenses. This includes mileage, currently set at 14 cents per mile.


Other possible deductions for costs include your travel to volunteer abroad or even in another state.

Everlance is the rated mileage and expense log app.

To Keep IRS Compliant Mileage Reports you can Keeping track of this information with the app Everlance makes it monitoring your miles driven easier.

This app uses GPS data to detect when you are driving automatically. 

You can then simply swipe to classify each trip you will be driving to work for a volunteer to Mother Teresa Charity.


In addition to mileage, Everlance records expenses and revenue so you can easily create and download spreadsheets and PDFs, which report all the data you need to organize receipts for when filing taxes.


Get started today to ensure that your mileage reports are accurate and you can receive your tax-receipts related to Mother Teresa Charity.

2020 IRS Standard Mileage Rate: Charitable Mileage14 cents.

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