How and where it happens?

  • Date: Sundays 

  • Time: 8 am to 12 am

  • Place: 292 Bellview Street, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA



At Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center, we believe that each one can make a difference to change the world, starting with yourself and your family. We understand that truly good people are the one practicing the law of justice, love and charity. Everything that happens has a meaning and our goal is self-enlightenment on the pathway to perfection. God is sovereign love and justice and for that reason, all facts in life manifest his will. Together we can be happier and find God through the practice of true charity as defined by Jesus. We are dedicating to making a positive impact on and improving the lives of those in Benton Harbor. As a function of this mission we would like to invite you to join us and together we will create positive opportunities around the community. Volunteers are the heart of our projects and are always appreciated and welcome!

Why implement this work in the neighborhood?

“To make efforts, today and now, for the enlightenment of human consciences; to contribute with love to the solidarity among creatures; to give in to the good all possible investments; to persevere in the relevant and ennobling ideals; to watch over order and to live charity under the meridian light of the Gospel unveiled by the Spiritist Doctrine are commitments and duties of all those who trust in Life and long for good on Earth as a close stage of happiness for all." Aristides Spínola (Free translation, Espíritos Diversos, Terapêutica de emergência, 2. ed., p. 41-42).

Specific Goals:

1 - To enable the advancement of the family through study and learning;

2 - To further promote the advancement of the family through volunteer work and by giving courses of labor therapy and professionalization;

3 - To prepare new volunteers, through specific courses;

4 - To provide material assistance through the donation of soups, basic food baskets, and layettes to newborns, among other things;

5 - To integrate, through friendship and fraternity, those who seek our organization, creating or strengthening bonds of union, friendship and the love for Christ;

6 - Create assistance groups in different sectors.


Aims to know and understand better the needs of each family through the gathering of information (see Screening Form).

It is destined to the feeding and spiritual treatment of children and adults who participate in the activities from the Assistance Center. Therefore, the soup does not contain any meat and we make a prayer in order to fluidify the food. It is the responsibility of the soup leader to study the soup manual in order to guide everyone who participates or will participate in this activity on the day. The instructions are in the Soup Manual, ask for it.

Bezerra de Menezes Soup Kitchen:
The soup is prepared by the volunteers with the help of the assisted people in the kitchen located in the mentioned church, using the food donated by the community.  This activity aims to not only feed children, teenagers and adults with nutrients to the body but also to nourish the soul and to promote the spiritual treatment for the people being fed.


Its purpose is to collect donations such as food, hygiene products, cleaning material, shoes, clothes and others, that will be distributed to previously registered families (see Auta de Souza Food Drive Manual). We are giving the opportunity so many people to practice the charity and to receive beautiful messages about God, Jesus, faith and love spreading the Spiritist Doctrine in the homes (door to door), through the spreading of messages.


This activity is designed to provide material assistance to the assisted families who may or may not be connected to the Assistance Center. The support to the family is only provided after the need is verified through the screening process and visits.


The Mobile Workshops are responsible for the labor therapy work, which consists of handicraft activities aimed at awakening the community spirit among mothers. The manual activities are: crochet, knitting, embroidery, tapestry, painting, sewing, retail bedspreads, etc. 


It is an activity carried out with the parents, where they work in a task force setting, renovating shacks, cleaning yards, and building fences, for the benefit of a family or the Assistance Center.


It consists of small vegetable gardens that will be built in the Assistance Center or in local yards, to encourage the exchange of seedlings and vegetables between families, aiming at their better nutrition.

Aimed at monitoring previously screened families that present more serious problems, such as terminal diseases, family breakdown, abandonment, and addictions and that need to be directed to treatment with trained professionals.


It consists in supporting the pregnancy phase, by supporting the mom their preparation for a healthy and conscious pregnancy, and by encouraging them to help each other by making a layette set, as well as preventing abortion and caring for the baby.


This sector is responsible for medical and dental care by offering free services done by volunteers that are licensed healthcare professionals, the assistance and referral of alcoholics and chemical dependents to professional help, as well as the assistance of elderly people. In order to receive these services the family has to be registered at the Assistance Center. The caravan is also responsible for carrying out preventive campaigns regarding abortion and suicide.

How to train workers?

Through the Basic Spiritism Course.

This course is intended for people who wish to evangelize children and adults.

Project Description:

Every service of disinterested charity is a divine reinforcement in the work of human brotherhood and universal redemption. Love and tolerance are fundamental in social work, the volunteer that serve those who arrives, at this moment uses all his ability to provide them confidence and acceptance, despite all its difficulties and imperfections.

The social work has, as its main task, the help and rehabilitation of the assisted by promoting its modification. God has ceaselessly assisted us through His envoys, Christ Jesus is the greatest example par excellence of unceasing support and invitation to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Let us remember the example of Francis of Assisi, where we find humility in service.

In a weekly bases,  using a place to be designated in Benton Harbor, MI as base to the services, open to the public in general and free of charge, the assist work is developed in low incoming communities by volunteer workers. This activity creates opportunity of experiences exchange, enabling workers growth, assistance to families in need of love and light and the awakening of the mutual assistance among all.



It’s a fraternal talking which we perform with the people from the community that come to our center seeking material support, spiritual relief or counseling. The interviewer will work to identify the specific needs and refer the person in need to one of the services available in our center.


“So many slums, piles of fragile, sick, miserable beings; so many neighborhoods away, hiding poverty, so much pain my children! Let us extend our arms in all directions, do what is possible, in favor of so much suffering! Bezerra de Menezes – from the book ‘Prospectors from Beyond".