auta de souza

food drive

The "Auta de Souza" Food Drive is a program that aims to bring nutrition for the body and soul. From the collection of food and other goods, to the preparation, and distribution to the local communities we live and spread Jesus teachings. Each family visited will receive the donations and words of love and comfort through Spiritist terachings.

Our program will be held on Saturdays afternoons, and it is performed by group of volunteers that visit homes door to door in the Saint Joseph, MI and Benton Harbor, MI regions with the objective of disseminating Spiritist Teachings and give people the opportunity to practice charity by donating food and clothing to the assisted families located in Benton Harbor, MI.

The food collected is brought to our Assistance Center, prepared by volunteers and them served to the assisted families. Part of the donations are also organized in kits and monthly distributed to the assisted families.

The Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center invites everyone to join us in this charity work to assist Benton Harbor Families in need.  

Volunteers are welcome to join us during the food drive.

Donations consist of clothes, shoes, disposable diapers, school supplies, food, cleaners and more. Please look at the list below for the basic items needed.

Any help is very welcome!

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